Native Grime - Little Dee | Lyrics

I don't want no more friends

I don't wanna link in no more ends

No more features, no more gems

We don't wanna take on no more men

Reece said it might get better, but when?

Cause I'm still pissed from [?]

Turner got picked up for an M

Plus Ras just got under a 10

I was doing dirt in my 3 3 10

Now I'm here burst in DC10

Stumbled out of the club with birds, they was all 7, 8, 8's and 10's

Back of the cab with a litre of Hen

Might link [?], might link Ken

Taught on raves by the late young kray

Thats why I spare no one like Spen

Sitting in Gucci aged 16

Rolex sweeping, chasing dreams

Bunking class whilst lumping large, I was in schools doing basic things

Why d'ya think they call me one night Doug, meet and beating, erasing tings

Laying in bed in jail what a mare, woke up thinking I wasted dream

Bro don't come round here it ain't fun

Them lot are done out here, I ain't done

Bro don't come round here with no...cause skin get bun out here with no sun

When you was in the ends rapping about guns,

I was in Jersey throwing out 1's 

Sat in a London restaurant drunk,

Treat Naubu like it's All Bar One

If it ain't Oxo eating lunch,

Then I'm in Morleys eating junk

I don't mind paying, but I ain't staying

Ladies call me a decent cunt

Stop talking about repping your ends when you snaked everybody on a treason one

Rap bout guns, aint squeezing none

Ain't got previous squeezing once

Ain't that Little Dee from the estate 

Lewisham, Blue Borough, New Cross Gate

Jogged on gym, still holding weight

Petrol run with a stolen plate

P Money phoning doing his nut like "You wanna get rich, you wanna get waved?"

Should've been making a new mixtape, but I'm lagboat out of my face in Tape

At the airport drunk, got through customs stinking of [?]

Passport tatted up like Lil Pump, I ain't been home in about 3 months

7 AM in the Uber, free Ruger, that's the last of the realist ones

Girl on my line and they all want rumps, too much at stake but they all well done

Everybody on board

Ship just sailed, nobody on shore

Leave anybody behind are you sure?

When I'm on tour, everybody on tour

Doug turn up you could never get bored

Girl pissed off that I'm never indoors

Rap bout guns but never had wars

Them man there I could never endorse

Doug Im a normal dude

Black tracksuits at a formal do

5 years back I was corning dudes

Now I sit down with the coroporate dudes

I don't wanna hear man rapbout grub, a thousand grams that's normal food

He got shot, he's in jail, but round here that's normal news

8 in the morning, afters burst

Gav's all gurning, [?]

28 missed calls, shit got worse

Should've went Sunday League or Church

Got home, bird ain't said 1 word

Trying to find foundation on my shirt

Can't stay long got lunch with the plug

Might see me in a Merc in Antwerp

Looking all hot while I drive through France 

Plug loves me cause I fly through plants

Pulled in Cali, stinking of Cali, smell of my garms got customs alarmed

Got sent jail and I pissed off Mum

Sitting with lifers eating lunch

Said when you leaving, don't look back

2 years gone and I ain't looked once

Just got off the phone with Uncs

Serving an 8 stretch out in cunch

Told me to stay humble, don't stunt

Everyone's starting to look like lunch

You know the mandem don't play fair

We'l see who's there when it all goes pear

Just last week you was living the dream, now it's a total 'mare