Bad Boys - Morrisson | Lyrics & Video

I wake up and I stare at the ceiling

I’m alive what a beautiful feeling

I should be dead or in jail but I’m alive and enjoying my freedom

I’m on the [?] like Tyson fury but I’m feeling like Tommy Egan 

I’m feeling like Tommy Egan 

I’m feeling like Tommy Egan 

I’m on the [?] like Tyson fury but I’m feeling like Tommy Egan 


I stepped in looking like millions

That’s cause I really made millions

I’m a self made boss and my bros will take that loss (like say no more) 

I’ll take a mans girlfriend just like I take mans crop


My black tings gassed but she plays it cool

She said she don’t fuck white boys but for me she’ll risk it and break the rules

Do the mad ting and watch paid in full

My Maltese ting’s all special 

Hood but she don’t act ghetto

I said babe can we fuck in my Bentley, she said yes we can sir like Geko


I got rich in trap then pretended that I did it in rap

They got rich in rap then pretended they did it in trap

The worlds gone mad, Na really the worlds gone mad

I really went to war with my ends and Big Dill’s really had my back

Still with the gang, still with the Mali’s & Akkis 

Still move bricks in cabbies

Still bag all my guns like Andy

I’m an OG but I’m still active

I can still make your grow go missing 

When you’re sniffing up my coke that’s the only type you should have your nose in my business


Fam on my mobile phone won’t stop ringing

Man keep ringing my phone off

Then they call me when they want favours So fuck it I’m switching my phone off

Fuck it put my phone on flight mode

Jump on the flight then leave

When my man need me I’m there in a second but when I need them they play hide and seek 


It’s a been violent week

Further more it’s been a violent life

I ain’t into domestic violence but my girl brings out my violent side

You got your head kicked in then you backed down and swallowed your pride

when I got stabbed up and shot up i got up and didn’t stop riding till I left an opp fried




I’ve had war after war

I’ve been settling Score after score

I’ve been on lick after lick after lick, I’ve been kicking down door after door

Blud I lost friend after friend 

And I lost mate after mate 

Some of them died in the field but most of them hotting a snake 


Hang tight, My heart colder than Russia

In the streets nobody loves ya 

I trust my friend more than my brother

I need my gun more than my mother

I slipped and got hurt by the opps

It’s my own fault I deserve what I got 

But I rid and I rid and I rid till I got him back then I hurt all his squad 


Don’t fuck with my money don’t fuck with my pride, don’t fuck with my family 

I can sign most of these English rappers, on god I can cover their salaries

I had so much bricks in the trap [?] shaking and panicking

I’m in my van doing a wheelie cause of the weight of the bricks in the back of it 

I blew hundreds of racks in them clubs looking back man that shit was embarrassing

I’m whiter than David from Dagenham but I still village beat man like an African 

Everyone’s got a gun, but not everybody is banging em 

Cause you bought a gun and you stashed it and ever since then it’s been missing like Madeline