Fabio Wardley Backs Fury to Beat AJ

Fabio Wardley backs Tyson Fury to beat Anthony Joshua

Speaking to the 'If Only They Knew' podcast, up-and-coming heavyweight, Fabio Wardley was asked to pick a winner for the most anticipated boxing fight in history, Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury!

Fabio is a fighter signed by Dillian Whyte, but he assured us that there was no bias taking place when he revealed that he favours Tyson Fury.

"I've always said Fury and I still think fury"

The 9-0 heavyweight had made waves in the boxing scene when he went from just a handful of white-collar fights to then jumping into the professional game, but he certainly knows his stuff as he gives his reasoning for siding with the Gypsy King.

"I was massively impressed with Joshua when he beat Ruiz, to show that he could stick to a game plan and box cleanly.

But I still think that fury is too unorthodox and he'll give AJ too much to think about, there'll be too much going on and he won't know how to deal with.

Joshuas a great boxer, he's big, he's powerful he's strong, but he's very straight down the line, almost 1 dimensional. I don't mean that in a negative way, I just mean that you know what you're gonna get with him, it's all straight down the line. I think if you go either side of that, he's thrown by it.

I think Fury's the guy to dip & dive either side of that line and [AJ] won't know what's gonna come from where."

To listen to our full chat with Fabio, visit the links below.

Podcast audio: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/if-only-they-knew-interviews-with-young-entrepreneurs/id1355527342#episodeGuid=1ac2c53a-66fa-4c0d-b57d-5b2e0682404e

Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRAoNUHYXZY


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