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Meet 16 year old DropShipper, Fawaz Abdulrauf

Who is Fawaz Abdulrauf?

Fawaz, also known as Raufy or Kidmmo, is a 16 year old DropShipper based in the UK.

What is Fawaz's journey?

Fawaz started his entrepreneurial journey at the at age of 13, he then created an IOS app at 14, making a sum on £14,000 in 6 months solely from ad revenue.

After finding out how successful he could be, Fawaz began freelance work in the area of web development.

Continuing his entrepreneurial journey, he found out about dropshipping and then started his new journey as a dropshipper a the beginning of 2018.

What is Fawaz doing now?

Currently, Fawaz is running his own online stores, which collectively generates 6 figures yearly - proving just how much of a successful entrepreneur he is.

Dropshipping has been so successful for Fawaz that he has dropped out of college in the first year, just after 2 months in. However, he does not glamorise this as it's a gruesome process - leaving Fawaz to work alone day and night.

What is Fawaz's tip for other young entrepreneurs?

Fawaz's tip for young entrepreneurs and dropshippers alike is to be prepared. He states that young entrepreneurs should enjoy the first month or so when everything is easy and based upon excitement, but also to be prepared for when things go wrong in some way as you will need to stay committed to the cause.

You can follow Fawaz on Instagram, here: @Kidmmo