How to Cope with your Commute

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Find out the best ways to cope with your daily commute.

On average, Londoners embark on a 46 minute commute to work every day, with train users taking (on average) almost an hour to travel to work. These methods of transport are also amongst the safest, with motorcyclists and pedestrians having the highest casualty rates amongst all transport options.

But despite the lack of casualty rates, many commuters on trains and buses are often unhappy.

So, what are the best ways to cope with your commute?

London Commuters | Source: IBT

Swap social media & music for podcasts or books.

Firstly, ditch social media and listening to music if you can. These may work initially as a tool to calm you down, but they don't really offer any other benefits. Instead, swap these for podcasts or books, that way you will not only be learning new things but also be inspired. Here's a list of my favourite podcasts:

Plan for the day ahead.

Another way to cope is by using the time to plan for your day ahead. Perhaps write down the tasks that you will attempt to finish at work. This way, you will enter work prepared and committed - rather than stressed and unfocused.

Leave the house earlier, if possible.

By leaving the house at least 20 minutes earlier, it means you have more time to get around any surprises that National Rail or TFL may have in store for you. If there are travel issues, then you're less likely to be late because you allowed for any mishaps. And if there aren't any travel issues, then you will arrive at work early and have more time to settle down and plan ahead. It's a win, win situation.


Personally, my daily commute takes almost 2 hours both there and back, so these tips have helped me deal with such a long commute.

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