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4 Podcast Etiquette Tips for Guests

Are you about to appear on a podcast as a guest? Well here's 4 tips to ensure that you come across as a respectable and worthwhile guest! 1) Listen to the Podcast This is important whenever you're about to go onto a podcast, but especially important if YOU asked to be the guest! As a podcaster myself, I've had guests that have reached out to me saying that they love my podcast, seen so many of my episodes and would love to be a guest - which I accepted. However, whilst interviewing them, it became very clear that they had not listened to a single episode of mine as they were shocked by some of the questions that I asked, even though I ask them in every single episode - leaving a bitter taste in my mouth as they have quite frankly lied to me. But what impact does this have on the guest? Well, not only will I remove them from my Christmas card list (😂), but it also means that I won't recommend them to the many other podcast hosts in my network, which can lead to some hosts blackballing certain guests. So, if you want to appear on a show, make sure you give at least one episode 2) Know the Host(s) Name Not knowing the host's name is probably one of the biggest podcast sins, especially if you keep saying the wrong name during the conversation! This not only creates a VERY awkward atmosphere but also creates a potentially huge issue when the host is editing the podcast as they're probably going to want to take out every mention of the incorrect name. 3) Know what You Plan to Say Of course you can't predict exactly what questions the host will throw your way, but it's always good if you have a few messages that you want to get across. Having your points prepared will help to eradicate awkward silences and ensure that the podcast actually provides value and your appearance has a purpose. There's been so many times where I've listened to podcasts where a guest has no real message or expertise to share with the audience, which, at the end of the conversation, makes you wonder what you've just learnt from the hour-long conversation and gives you the feeling that you've just wasted your time. This is almost a sure-fire way of making sure that you never become a thought leader in your field. 4) Promote the Podcast Afterwards There are many reasons why a host will have you on their podcast, from giving you a platform to share your story to picking your brain about your expertise. But between you and I, it's very common for hosts to choose guests based on their social media influence and reach! Because of this, we appreciate it if you can share the podcast episode and/or any promotional material that we put out for your episode. This goes a long way in helping the show to grow and reach a new audience, it will also help you as a guest as the host is likely to recommend you highly to their fellow podcast friends - it's therefore a win-win situation - and is a small thank you to the host for giving your their time and their platform. So please, for the sakes of the hosts, audiences and most importantly, your opportunity to feature on more podcasts and becoming a thought leader, keep the 4 etiquette tips in mind and ensure that you become a well-respected guest in the podcast community.

DJ MAK 10 & Bala Bala Boyz

If you're a fan of Grime, then you should have certainly heard of DJ MAK 10 and he has recently teamed up with MC Group Bala Bala Boyz! MAK 10 kickstarted his career in the infamous grime group, Nasty Crew and has since worked alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Kano, Ghetts and D Double E. Without a doubt, he is definitely one of the pioneers of Grime. Throughout the years DJ MAK 10 has been able to master his craft as a DJ and producer while evolving with the changes that come over time, working in genres from Grime to House and even UK funky! Recently, MAK 10 has linked up with London’s Congolese led MC Group Bala Bala Boyz to make the hit single ‘Mad In The Fete’ which you can listen to below. Bala Bala Boyz hail from London and are of Congolese descent consisting of Chef Kalinga 9, King Bala 5, Orz Trinity 7 and Moj Zyo 1. This group were described as "trailblazers for authenticity, melding genuine elements of traditional, Congolese-led flows with the new, and deriving their own dialect in the process - Linglish".

IOTK Podcast #42: Ella Ringrose

Ted's Takeaways from the podcast w/ Ella Ringrose Ella Ringrose is the Irish Youtuber that has built a community of over 100k people by sharing her experience and knowledge of manifestation and self-development. Here's what I learnt from our chat... Vision Boards One thing that I learnt from Ella was the power of vision boards! The Youtuber revealed some of the amazing things that she had manifested using vision boards, so straight after the chat, I set my vision board and hung it in a prominent position in my room. Journalling Ella spoke about the vast amount of notebooks that she has gone through as she journals throughout the week. I learnt that journaling can be a great way to keep track of your progress as well as helping the visualisation process by "scripting" (simulating the feelings and thoughts of your desired position). Anything is possible There were so many things that I learnt from this chat, but the main takeaway was that anything is possible as we are the creators of our destiny. This statement really hit me as it made me realise that the only person that has been stopping me my whole life has been me! With all of this knowledge at hand, I've now got a vision board, started journaling and I will no longer let anybody stop me from achieving my goals! Full audio: Full video:

If Only They Knew Ella Ringrose, The Manifestation Youtuber

Meet Ella Ringrose, the Manifestation Youtuber In the 42nd episode of the 'If Only They Knew' podcast, Ella Ringrose spoke to us about manifestation, visualisation and so much more, but who exactly is the lady that has created a community of over 100,000 people?! Who is Ella Ringrose? Ella Ringrose is the Irish Youtuber that has devoted much of her life to helping ambitious women develop into their truest form. Making videos on ideas such as manifestation, the Law of Attraction and similar ideas, Ella has formed a community of over 100,000 people interested in self-development - racking up millions of views on her channel! What is Ella's story? Ella spoke to Ted Lawlor on the 'If Only They Knew' podcast to share her story. Born in Ireland, Ella had a challenging childhood as she was unable to walk for many years as a kid, making her feel very different from the other kids her age, but thankfully she learned to walk again. At a later age, Ella began to feel the same feeling of being different again as unlike anyone else in her area as from age 12, she wanted to be a Youtuber - which was a crazy idea for many of her fellow Irish men and women. Thankfully, her brother gave her a self-development book that would then become Ella's very first step into the world of mindset and improvement. The limiting belief that she couldn't be a Youtuber if she were to stay in Ireland just got bigger and bigger until one day, she decided that she was going to move to Canada as this was where she believed she could thrive and become a full-time Youtuber. "We all have limitations, limiting beliefs and stories that we cling our identity to." Fast-forward some time and Ella had realised that she COULD be a Youtuber no matter whether she was in Canada or not, so then went back to her home town to continue her journey. Now, not only is she a Youtuber with over 90,000 subscribers and millions of views, but she has also been able to turn her passion into a living as she provides very valuable courses on manifestation, using her extensive knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals. You can listen to the full conversation between IOTK and Ella below:

How to See Where a Podcast is in the Charts

Here's how to see where a podcast is in the charts Ever wondered how to keep track of where your podcast is currently ranking in the charts? Here's how you do just that... What Podcast Rankings/Charts are there? Firstly, the most popular podcast charts are the Apple Podcast (iTunes) chart and the Spotify chart. Your podcast will only chart in either of those rankings if your episodes are available to listen to on those platforms. Where can you view the rankings? The best website to view the rankings of ANY podcast (no matter whether it's yours or not) is Chartable! Chartable allows you to see whenever your podcast enters the charts in any country worldwide and you can also see the ranking history just in case you miss a change in the charts as the charts update EVERY day. Be sure to sign up to Chartable so that you can access a dashboard for your podcast, making it easier to see your rankings for both your episodes and/or your overall show.

Meet 10K: The Man Behind the Pen

Meet 10K, AKA the man behind the pen Although 10K is a new discovery, he has been a hugely active member of the British Black Music Scene curating different power moves and adding to a large list of accomplishments. Working with artists such as JME, Johnny and Madison Paris, 10K has a fantastic portfolio when it comes to writing. From taking the stage at Wireless Festival, touring with Kendrick Lamar and Killer Mike, to signing to Universal and Virgin, 10K has unquestionable talent. Recently, "the man behind the pen" has made his solo entrance into the UK music scene with his record 'Slow Down' (premiered on GRM Daily) which you can watch below. You can follow 10K's journey via the following links... Instagram (10kThe1st) Twitter (10kThe1st)

Meet Turner, the UK Rapper from North London

If Only They Knew Turner, the UK Rapper from North London If you're a fan of UK rap music, then you should be familiar Turner as he has worked with the likes of Tion Wayne and Russ, but what is his story? Hailing from North London, Turner entered the music world after being inspired by one of the biggest TV music channels in the UK, 'Channel U'. A younger Turner then began to create songs and freestyles whilst studying at school, creating a real buzz in his area. After witnessing other London artists break down barriers and seeing success, Turner decided to knuckle down and pursue a career in the music world - allowing him to make a positive change for himself and his community. Being brought up on black music from the 80's & 90's, those dynamic anthems influenced Turner's versatile style that you can find in his music. So far, Turner has seen great success, working with the likes of Russ and Tion Wayne, amassing over 100,000 views! 'If Only They Knew' caught up with the up-and-coming artist to find out what inspires him... “I get inspired by seeing people beat the odds and make it out of there situations.  I have a lot of people around me who have stuck to their dream and I have got to witness them succeed which without a doubt inspired me to go harder every day.  I also get inspired by negative comments as weird as it might sound but I feel good when I make people eat their words.” You can listen to Turner's new single with Tion Wayne, here:

How to get your Podcast on Amazon Music

How do you get your Podcast on Amazon Music? Amazon has recently launched its Amazon Music platform, which is great news for us podcasters as the platform has a Podcast feature that will be a direct competitor to Spotify. So, let's cut to the chase, here's how you get your Podcast on Amazon Music! Step 1: Have a podcast Step 2: Find the RSS feed code of that podcast - you will find this on your podcast hosting platform (e.g. Anchor FM or Acast) - as you will need when signing up to Amazon Music Step 3: Go to Step 4: Scroll down and click on the hyperlink found on the line which reads "Have a podcast? Submit it to Amazon Music here." Step 5: Fill out the form and when requested, enter the RSS feed code that you found earlier Step 6: Wait for Amazon to approve your podcast Step 7: Enjoy the many new listeners that will now be able to find your show!

4 Ways to Get a Podcast Sponsor

How to get a Podcast Sponsor Sponsorship is one of the most popular ways to bring in significant money for your podcast, but how do you go about actually getting a sponsor? Here's a few tips to help you bag your first sponsorship deal. Know your numbers Before you attempt to reach out to sponsors, ensure that you understand the numbers. Typically, sponsors will be interested in partnering with your podcast only if you have a minimum of around 1000 downloads per episode as they will base their price on a CPM basis, meaning that they'll pay you a certain amount per every 1000 downloads you generate. Podcast hosting site, Anchor FM, suggests that the typical CPM for podcast sponsors is $15 However, it's important to note that not all sponsors expect the 1000 download average, some may partner with you based on your concentrated demographic or the potential of your show. Identify your audience demographic Talking of demographics, it's important that you understand who your audience are. Here are a few things that you should know about your audience before you approach a sponsor: - Age (e.g. 16-26) - Locations (e.g. UK, mainly London, Manchester & Birmingham) - Interests (e.g. business, entrepreneurship, marketing and podcasts) It's crucial to know this as when you approach a sponsor, you will be able to get those attributes across, allowing the potential sponsor to easily evaluate your offer. Identify potential sponsors and their contacts By finding out the information above, it will also help you to find the most relevant sponsors as you can then search for brands in a specific niche. For example, with our podcast (the 'If Only They Knew' podcast), our audience are young people interested in self-development, therefore I could search for brands providing online self-development courses and approach them to be a sponsor. Perhaps compile a list of 10 brands that are very relevant to your audience/podcast and begin researching who to contact within those companies - LinkedIn and the brands' websites will be your best friends here! Create a pitch deck Now that you have your sponsors in mind and know who to contact, perhaps create a pitch deck to ensure that your first email has maximum impact. A pitch deck is a brief, graphics-based presentation that showcases the purpose and value proposition of your podcast, giving you a better chance of convincing the potential sponsor to partner with you. However, don't worry if you don't have great graphic design skills, you can use Canva to create pitch decks using 1 of their many templates. Did you use these tips to get a sponsorship deal or have you gone via a different route? Let us know by commenting below or DM'ing us on Instagram via @IOTKPodcast.

How to get into the Podcast Charts

How do I get my podcast into the Podcast charts? As host of the top 10 rated 'If Only They Knew' podcast, I've looked into what it takes to get featured in the podcast charts. What are the podcast charts? The most popular rankings of global podcasts are brought to you by Apple on the iTunes/Apple Podcasts platform. How are podcasts categorised? Of course, it would be unfair (and almost ridiculous) if ALL podcasts were ranked on 1 huge list, therefore, Apple has a few different sections to help categorise the many podcasts around the world. National rankings Firstly, it's important to note that each country will have the same sections as other countries, but each nation will have its own rankings for each of the sections. For example, both the UK and Singapore will have a "business" category, but the actual rankings of this category will be different for each country. 'New & Noteworthy' and 'Top Shows' Now, this is an ideal position for any podcast as it supersedes any other categories on this list. It is not made clear how many downloads, subscribers and reviews a new podcast needs to be entered on the 'New & Noteworthy' list, but you certainly need quite a bit of attention to be included in this category. Being included in this group of (usually) 26 podcasts means that your show will be featured on the home page of the Apple Podcast app. Similarly, it isn't quite clear how to get on the 'Top Shows' list in terms of specific numbers, but you will need A LOT to be featured in (what is also called) the 'Top Charts'. This category has a list of 200 'shows' (the whole podcast, not a specific episode) as well as a list of 200 "episodes". Traditional Categories As well as the top charts, Apple has a list of 19 main categories that all feature their own 'Top Shows' rankings as well as "New Shows". Each main category then has a few related subcategories attached to it. For example, under the 'Business' category, there is 'Careers', 'Investing', 'Management', 'Marketing', 'Entrepreneurship' and 'Non-Profit'. It is usually easier to enter into the subcategories rather than the main categories due to the number of competitors in each group. E.g. my podcast has featured in 'Entrepreneurship' charts in many countries multiple times but has only featured in the "Business" charts a few times. So, what do you do with this information? Well, it's important that when starting your podcast, you identify with the most relevant category and subcategory in order to give yourself the best chance of ranking and being found by your target audience. You will be able to choose these categories on your podcasting hosting platform. Even if you're based in 1 country, you can still chart in other countries if you have enough listeners from that country. How many downloads do I need to chart? Again, there is no official, public recording of how many downloads you need, but after speaking to fellow podcasters, we have found that on average, 100 or so downloads in a short space of time will get you into the top 200 list of a subcategory and a few hundred will often get you into the top 10's/20's - again, depending on the competition's numbers at the time. Have you entered the charts with surprisingly low numbers or even had 1000's of downloads but didn't rank? Let us know what your experience has been like, so please do drop a comment below or send us a DM on Instagram.

Do you Pay for Podcast Guests?

Do people pay for Podcast guests? As a podcaster myself (host of the If Only They Knew podcast) I was quite surprised when people began to ask me if I had paid for some of the guests that had appeared on my show (mostly with reference to candidates from BBC's 'The Apprentice' TV series)! The answer is no, I have never paid somebody to appear on my podcast, but would I? Honestly, if the numbers were right (in terms of both money and the potential guest's following), I feel that I would pay! Why would I pay? Well, that's because I understand the power that certain guests can have. After speaking to fellow podcaster, Alex Chisnall (host of Screw It Just Do It) on my show [you can listen to that episode here], he revealed the 1 guest that elevated his podcasts to #1 in the iTunes charts. This shows the power that 1 guest can have on the future of your show. So if you were to be calculated in your approach, you could pay a guest on, knowing that they are likely to put your podcast on a new level, opening the door to new sponsors and most importantly, more great guests. For example, there are a few names that have agreed to come onto my show, but they cannot commit to sit down for an hour in the near future due to their other business requirements...BUT, if I was to go back to them and mention that I'd pay them to come on ASAP, this may speed up the process slightly. ;) How much would I pay? Again, this is all dependent on the guest, but I assume that the price would be a mix of what they could contribute to my podcast, mixed with how much the guest would demand. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than £50 for an hour of someone's time (unless they were a massive A-lister of course) as I know that with hard work and effort, I will eventually get the show to a point where I wouldn't need to convince big guests to come on. Hopefully, this answers your question! Yes, some people do pay for guests. I don't at the moment, but I would if necessary. Would you or have you paid for a guest? If so, head over to our Instagram and drop us a DM - I'd be curious to know!

4 Ways to Get More Podcast Listeners

How do you get more listeners for your podcast? The biggest challenge that we all face as podcasters is undoubtedly getting more listeners, so what are some of the ways that you can grow your podcast audience? Well, being a podcaster myself (I'm the host of the If Only They Knew podcast), I've found various ways in which to grow an audience, allowing my show to be a top 10 rated show in iTunes charts across multiple countries. Here are 4 things that you should be doing to increase your podcast listeners... 1: Have a Social Media Presence It still surprises me that many podcasts do not have a complementary social media page to share clips, news and all things related to their show. For the sakes of giving up some time, there's no reason why your podcast shouldn't be on social media as the more platforms you're on, the more chance you have of being seen. Think of it this way, without social media, how would you expect people to find your show? We suggest that Instagram is the strongest platform to use for podcast promotion for many reasons, one of them being the fact that you can upload so many different forms of media & designs. Below is an example of how we promote our podcast on Instagram, using a mixture of podcast thumbnails, screenshots of our positions in the iTunes charts, teaser trailers, clips from the podcast and so much more! 2: Share with Family & Friends Another way to grow your audience, especially in the early stages, is to tell your family and friends about your show! If you use this strategically, you could have a large group of people tuning into your 1st podcast episode, giving you a great chance of being in the "new & noteworthy" section of Apple Podcasts! However, if you're implementing this process at a later stage, it still helps to have a big influx of new subscribers. 3: Review for Review Talking of friends and family, they're a great group of people for you to ask to leave a review on your show, this not only gives you a better reputation but also tells the podcast algorithms that you're a credible show. If you use social media, you will be able to network with fellow podcasters and run a 'review for review' campaign, where you'll leave reviews on each other's shows. 4: Focus on your Guests A lot of people get caught up in the process of just getting any relevant guest on so that they can stick to their weekly schedule. BUT, what I've found to work is spending time to research potential guests that have that cult-like following. Why? Well, not only will these guests be more likely to provide real value to your existing audience, but they're also likely to share their episode with their large following - AKA lots of incoming subscribers and downloads for you! So that was a list of 4 easy to implement strategies that you can use to increase the number of your podcast downloads and subscribers! From experience, if you use a mixture of all 4 points, you will almost certainly increase your podcast following.

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