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If Only They Knew Ted Lawlor

Ted Lawlor is the 22-year-old entrepreneur from Bermondsey, South London who took a different path than many others from his area and pursued his passion for business. Education Like many young people from South London, Ted was no stranger to hardship. There were many days when Ted and his single-parent Mum didn't eat as they couldn't afford to get anything substantial in for dinner, as well as not being able to top up the dreaded electricity key. However, as we all know, diamonds are formed under pressure. Despite always dreaming of being successful, Ted wasn't too sure as to how true that dream would become and spent many years struggling at school and just at life in general! From being excluded from secondary school to feeling hopeless and suffering from mental health challenges, the South Londoner went through it all. Even though he was often in trouble at school for being mischievous, he managed to pull it together when it counted and secured good grades - good enough to get him to University to follow his passion for marketing. BUT, it wasn't plain sailing as uni felt like a waste of time in the early stage as Ted still didn't feel that he had the confidence to pursue a career in marketing. With that being said, the young student decided that if he wanted to gain experience, he'd have to go above and beyond. So in the first year of uni, he created a media group called 'If Only They Knew' that began creating content for young business minds and allowed the new entrepreneur to test his business & marketing skills. A few years later and Ted grew the media group to a great level, gaining the attention of high-profile entrepreneurs from across the UK - such as candidates from 'The Apprentice'! As well as his newly formed reputation in the business scene, Ted also secured a First Class Honours in Business & Marketing. Career Fast forward a while and Ted seemed to be a budding young marketeer ready to climb the career ladder, starting off a Social Media Executive for a small events company in London. However, due to a certain global pandemic, the young marketeer was made redundant and was forced to think of his feet. This is where the entrepreneur inside of him came to light. Fortunately, Ted had continued with his media group and was really making strives in terms of connections and developments, particularly with his podcast dedicated to young business minds (which you can listen to here). This gave the entrepreneur something to fall back on and thanks to a particular link up with the UK's #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, Robert Hisee, Ted's life changed forever! After inviting Rob onto his podcast, the podcaster knew this episode would be more than just a chat. After going back and forth in conversation with Robert, the lightbulb moment occurred. Using Rob's extensive knowledge of the unconscious mind and Ted's experience with content creation, they decided to create 'The Manifestation Journal'!

Best Podcasts 2021 UK

Here are the TopPodcasts for Young Entrepreneurs in the UK Whether you're a young entrepreneur or somebody with a business mind, here are 5 podcasts that will entertain, inform and hopefully inspire you. 1. The If Only They Knew Podcast The If Only They Knew Podcast is run by Ted Lawlor, the 21-year-old owner of a social media group called 'If Only They Knew' which provides content to inform and inspire both young entrepreneurs and business minds. This podcast showcases young business minds from across the UK, sharing their opinions, projects and advice to help other young people who are interested in business. The guests are typically in their late teens, but the show also has strong links with candidates from BBC's The Apprentice. No matter who the guest is, the episode is sure to provide both value and entertainment to the listener. If you're a young entrepreneur looking for advice and stories that you can relate to, this is the podcast for you. 2. Diary of a CEO The Diary of a CEO is a podcast by business sensation Steven Bartlett, who is the 27-year-old that runs a famous marketing agency called Social Chain who have worked with huge names such as Coca Cola, Twitch, Pretty Little Thing and many others! Therefore, Steven is clearly well versed in all things Marketing and business, meaning that his podcast provides a respected account of what life is like as a business owner (CEO). From mental health to sex, Steven explores all of the elements that a young entrepreneur will experience, making for an emotional yet inspiring experience with every episode. 3. Screw it, Just Do it The Screw it, Just Do it podcast is hosted by Bournemouth-based Alex Chisnall and has been in the iTunes podcast charts multiple times. The show has featured many big names, from Piers Linney of Dragons Den to the founder of Ted Baker, Ray Kelvin CBE. All of which have spoken in-depth about their entrepreneurial journey. 4. High Performance Podcast The High Performance Podcast brings you an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, world-class performers who have all excelled in their field with first-hand experiences and lessons to share. Find out what non-negotiable behaviours they employed to get them to the top and keep them there - hosted by Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes. 5. Pull The Pin (Grenade) The Pull The Pin podcast is brought to you by Alan Barratt, founder of Grenade - the worlds' fastest growing sports performance/weight management brand. Alan certainly brings banter to the business world, with his witty comments and a positive spin on most things, this podcast is guaranteed to make you laugh, smile and make you want to get out into the world and make an impact! For more informative and inspiring content, follow the hub for young business minds: Podcast Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Facebook

Top 5 Best Resistance Bands

What are the best Resistance Bands for both Women & Men gym-goers? Resistance Bands are a great tool to level up your workouts, whether you're exercising at home or in the gym. They have undergone a lot of scrutiny from those that are unfamiliar with just how much you can do with gym bands and the question "can you build muscle with resistance bands?" often pops up and the answer is, yes you can. So, what are the best resistance bands for women and men alike? Well, here are our top 5 best resistance bands in no particular order. Shreddy: Long Bands Long bands are great for full-body workouts, so these long bands from Shreddy will be a great addition to your workout routine. Created by young entrepreneur, Grace Beverley, Shreddy is a very popular brand with young women, which is why these hands are available in very funky colours such as lilac, yellow and coral. Shreddy is all about sustainability, so each band is latex-free and also comes with a sustainable cotton drawstring pouch. Each band costs £17. You can view these long bands here. IOTK: Mini Bands If you're looking for a more targeted workout, mini resistance bands are a great way to precisely target particular parts of your body such as your legs. Unlike some other brands, these mini bands come in a multipack of 5 with various strengths from extra-light to extra-heavy. The variation in strength means that you can pick a band that suits your abilities or specific workout as some of the bands will provide more resistance than others. As well as being one of the only great quality multi-sets on the market, 25% of the profit from these bands goes directly to local UK charities. These bands also come with a luxury polyester drawstring travel pouch. Each set of bands costs £10. You can view these mini bands here. Gymshark: Medium Resistance Bands Gymshark is a giant in the sports industry and is known for being an innovator in many aspects. Their Medium Resistance Bands have a non-slip fabric material and they also come in a variety of great colours and patterns - including a light-blue camo looking colour. These bands come with a black mesh travel pouch. Each band costs £15. You can view these long bands here. SPRI: 3-in-1 Resistance Tube Kit The SPRI 3-in-1 resistance tube kit stands out as it comes with adjustable band strengths as well as 2 handles. Each band costs £33.49. You can view these long bands here. FitBeast: Resistance Bands Kit Much like the SPRI kit, the FitBeast resistance bands kit also has various band strengths and also has detachable handles and grips - including an ankle grip. This kit also comes with a travel bag. You can view these long bands here. Did we miss any or did we include your favourite bands? Let us know in the comments below.

If Only They Knew: Eddie Hearn - Matchroom Sport

Who is Eddie Hearn? Eddie Hearn, born Edward John Hearn in 1979, is the chairman of Matchroom Sport, known mostly for his role as the face of Matchroom Boxing and the promoter of heavyweight boxer, Anthony Joshua. Despite Matchroom being founded by Eddie's father (Barry Hearn) in 1982, Eddie only recently took over as the Managing Director of the company after many years of being the "face" of the brand. Known as the best in the game, Eddie has not only seen success in the sporting world but also in the world of social media as he has been turned into a meme several times. Eddie's moments have become memes so many times that a social media account called "No Context Hearn" was created which is dedicated to sharing out of context clips from Hearn's video interviews with journalists. One of the journalists that have been heavily connected with Eddie is Kugan Cassius of IFL TV as unlike some of the more traditional media interviews, IFL allows Eddie to be informal and often comical. The promoter and Matchroom have worked with so many big stars throughout the sporting world, from snooker to darts, but their biggest stars come from the boxing world. Some of the biggest names Eddie has worked with include Anthony Joshua, Canelo Alvarez and Katie Taylor to name just a few. As a confident and successful entrepreneur, Eddie shared the following advice to any young people that are looking to boost their confidence and happiness. "Confidence comes from putting yourself in situations time and time again. You can't just have the bravado to say "I'm going to be confident". It comes from being good at what you do and believing in what you do. If you have a passion for what you do and you love, then the confidence will come through a lot quicker. Make sure that when you get out of bed in the morning, you have something that you want to go at 100%, you'll then start to have more confidence in what you do, you'll become better at what you do and ultimately, you won't have to bluff it anymore." Thanks to Eddie's success in the business world and pop culture, he has been through many challenges and has seen life through many perspectives, making him the relentless operator that he is today. You can find out more about his story and advice in his book, Relentless: 12 Rounds to Success. If you'd like to hear the stories of more entrepreneurs, tune into our iTunes Top 10 podcast, the If Only They Knew Podcast.

I Started a Clothing Brand | Mistakes & Mishaps

Find out more about my experience starting a clothing brand As a 23-year-old Londoner with an interest in business, my social feeds have always been full of young entrepreneurs starting up cool businesses and showing their audience just how great their lives were. I bought into this facade. Because of this constant exposure to entrepreneurs, I recently decided to start my own clothing brand (If Only They Knew) as a great way to expand my brand (I previously had a small media group dedicated to informing & inspiring young entrepreneurs) as well as being a way to give back to charity as I plan to give 25% of my profit to local charities & fundraisers. However, instead of being faced with instant success, I was hit by a huge metaphorical brick wall that was paved with failure and mishaps! Some of these mistakes came directly from pure mistakes on my part, but some came from obstacles that I set out for myself…for example, I decided that I wanted to hand-stitch every cap — a process that takes around 20 minutes with each cap — despite not having any experience with stitching whatsoever. The Issue
As well as having issues actually making the caps, I also had issues with the supplying process as the first batch of sample caps I bought did not have some of the main colours that I needed when I attempted to place a bulk order after they passed the quality check. Thinking on my feet, I had to search the internet to find similar caps and fortunately found what I thought was a like-for-like product from another brand. I thought wrong. Instead of waiting on the initial sample package of these new caps to arrive, I got way too excited (and ahead of myself) and ordered a bulk package of these caps worth £150 — a mistake that I’m still living with today. As soon as the packages arrived, I just knew I had messed up. The quality was definitely not what I hoped for as the caps were way too soft and malleable, making them look more like a skull cap rather than the modern style I was looking for. Back to the drawing board yet again. If you have to keep going back to the drawing board, make sure you come back with a new masterpiece every time. I went back to my supplier’s website and found a cap brand that I had previous success with many years ago when I ordered caps for a different reason. I ordered 2 sample caps from this brand as I was playing cautiously in an attempt to avoid making the same mistake twice. This all happened a week ago and I’m currently waiting for the THIRD sample pack to arrive which SHOULD be great, I’ll then have to wait another week or 2 for the bulk order to arrive if I’m happy with the samples. In the meantime, I’ve also been trialing different t-shirts and I will give an update on my experience with this soon. The Summary
So far, this journey has taught me that you absolutely cannot cut corners in business, especially a business that relies on quality and perfection like a clothing brand does.
I’ll be back very soon once I can provide an update on this matter and I will continue to share my experience as a sole owner of a newly formed clothing brand. If you’d like to support my brand, ‘If Only They Knew’, then please follow my Instagram page @ifonlytheyknewyou.

Alitu, The New Podcast Editing Platform

Find out more about Alitu, The Gamechanging Podcast Editing Platform Alitu is known as the podcast maker that allows for simple recording and editing for those podcasters that long for a streamlined and efficient podcasting process. This online app allows the user to edit their podcast within minutes (instead of the hours that it usually takes) thanks to Alitu's easy-to-use editing software that takes nothing but a few clicks of a mouse to chop and clean up a podcast episode. As well as having an efficient & effective editing process, Alitu provides an all-inclusive platform as the user can also record and store their podcasts on the website itself - no more losing files YAY! If this wasn't enough, you can also gain access to a library of readymade jingles to use as the intro/outro to your episodes or alternatively, you can make your own jingle using Alitu's music clip maker. All of this comes from the brain of podcast enthusiast Colin Gray who has spent over a decade in the podcasting industry so rest assured that each feature on Alitu comes from a place of true understanding with regards to the podcasting process. If you'd like to streamline your podcast process, Alitu are currently giving away a free 7 day trial! You can find out more at If you'd like to learn how to start a podcast yourself, you can learn more here. Watch our full walkthrough of Alitu below:

If Only They Knew Nathaniel Wood, UFC Fighter

Here is If Only They Knew's interview with UFC Fighter & Cage Warriors World Champion, Nathaniel Wood Hailing from South London, Nathaniel 'The Prospect' Wood is a former Cage Warriors champion who currently fights in the UFC and proved to be a perfect example of how powerful sacrifice can be. Speaking to Ted Lawlor of the If Only They Knew podcast, Nathaniel revealed how he spent most of his younger life as a poor kid with a huge ambition, facing the mockery of his peers that laughed at him for not having a nice car. However, despite this peer pressure, Nathaniel stayed head-strong as he knew that the sacrifice of missing out on a social life to pursue his passion would be worth it in the end. Nathaniel also said that he believes in the power of manifestation and the Law of Attraction, which was one of the reasons that he remained so calm and confident during the tough times. Despite having a few debatable losses on his record, the UFC fighter's humbleness always shines through as he never loses, he only wins or he learns. Looking forward, 'The Prospect' revealed that he is due to fight soon but could not detail who his opponent would be... In summary, this interview showed us that you truly cannot have it all and therefore must make impactful sacrifices in order to achieve your dreams. You can listen to the full interview here:

Personal Branding Masterclass

Summary: If Only They Knew #57 w/ Sam Winsbury Sam Winsbury is the young owner of Brandly, a personal branding company that helps to build and manage personal brands for CEO's and entrepreneurs. Water Your Plants Despite being such a young entrepreneur, Sam grew his expertise whilst at University as instead of spending most of his time studying for his exams, he used his energy to focus on building his understanding of his subject area. Growing a side hustle is something both Sam & I were passionate about as it's a process we both deployed and was how I built 'If Only They Knew'. You ARE a Personal Brand Sam suggested, quite rightly, that everyone has a personal brand, no matter whether you're a business owner or not. For example, Sam mentioned that even if you were applying for a job, having a social media platform or body of work that represents you and your expertise would count as your personal brand will help you to impress the employer. Be Authentic One of the main symptoms of a strong personal brand is authenticity. Sam & I spoke about how if you truly believe somebody to be authentic, you are more likely to be invested into whatever it is that person does or sells. In this podcast, I used the example of one of my favourite brands, Russell Brand (pardon the play on words). Russell has been consistently authentic throughout his career and even though this has landed him into trouble at times, it has showed true integrity and honesty. This authenticity therefore means that both myself and his other fans are likely to watch or involved ourselves in whatever piece of work he brings out, whether that's his Youtube videos or his live shows. So, authenticity is key to a strong personal brand. If you'd like to tune into the full of episode with Sam on the If Only They Knew podcast, you can watch the video below or listen to the audio version here:

How To Qualify VIP Podcast Guests

As the host of a podcast that has a strong, dedicated audience, it can be quite tough to focus on quality over quantity. This means that I'm often declining some of the dozens of people reaching out to me asking to be a guest on my show as I feel they just wouldn't fit the criteria that I call my VIP Criteria.

1: Value
How many unique insights and pieces of advice can they share with my audience?
You can normally get a sense of their value levels by looking at how vague/specific their role is or perhaps by listening to some of the other podcasts they've been on. Putting out consistent episodes with little to no value is a sure-fire way to ruin your podcast's reputation and lose listeners.

2: Influence

How many followers could you gain from this guest?
Now, this sounds harsh but you must remember that podcasting is just like any other business and you should therefore look at how many followers a person has and whether they're willing to share your podcast episode. This will allow you to gauge how many more audience members you could potentially gain from having this person on your show.

3: Presentation
How will this guest present themselves to my audience and will my audience be engaged for an hour?
You can get a good feel for the way somebody will speak on your podcast just by reading their email, if they've used lots of emotive language then it's a good sign that they'll be bubbly and passionate when talking on your show. There's nothing worse than having somebody on who acts like this is their 100th podcast of the day and they can't way to go to bed.

Using my VIP Criteria, you should be able to be more effective and efficient with your guest schedule and be able to increase the impact and reach that your podcast has.

4 Podcast Etiquette Tips for Guests

Are you about to appear on a podcast as a guest? Well here's 4 tips to ensure that you come across as a respectable and worthwhile guest! 1) Listen to the Podcast This is important whenever you're about to go onto a podcast, but especially important if YOU asked to be the guest! As a podcaster myself, I've had guests that have reached out to me saying that they love my podcast, seen so many of my episodes and would love to be a guest - which I accepted. However, whilst interviewing them, it became very clear that they had not listened to a single episode of mine as they were shocked by some of the questions that I asked, even though I ask them in every single episode - leaving a bitter taste in my mouth as they have quite frankly lied to me. But what impact does this have on the guest? Well, not only will I remove them from my Christmas card list (😂), but it also means that I won't recommend them to the many other podcast hosts in my network, which can lead to some hosts blackballing certain guests. So, if you want to appear on a show, make sure you give at least one episode 2) Know the Host(s) Name Not knowing the host's name is probably one of the biggest podcast sins, especially if you keep saying the wrong name during the conversation! This not only creates a VERY awkward atmosphere but also creates a potentially huge issue when the host is editing the podcast as they're probably going to want to take out every mention of the incorrect name. 3) Know what You Plan to Say Of course you can't predict exactly what questions the host will throw your way, but it's always good if you have a few messages that you want to get across. Having your points prepared will help to eradicate awkward silences and ensure that the podcast actually provides value and your appearance has a purpose. There's been so many times where I've listened to podcasts where a guest has no real message or expertise to share with the audience, which, at the end of the conversation, makes you wonder what you've just learnt from the hour-long conversation and gives you the feeling that you've just wasted your time. This is almost a sure-fire way of making sure that you never become a thought leader in your field. 4) Promote the Podcast Afterwards There are many reasons why a host will have you on their podcast, from giving you a platform to share your story to picking your brain about your expertise. But between you and I, it's very common for hosts to choose guests based on their social media influence and reach! Because of this, we appreciate it if you can share the podcast episode and/or any promotional material that we put out for your episode. This goes a long way in helping the show to grow and reach a new audience, it will also help you as a guest as the host is likely to recommend you highly to their fellow podcast friends - it's therefore a win-win situation - and is a small thank you to the host for giving your their time and their platform. So please, for the sakes of the hosts, audiences and most importantly, your opportunity to feature on more podcasts and becoming a thought leader, keep the 4 etiquette tips in mind and ensure that you become a well-respected guest in the podcast community.

DJ MAK 10 & Bala Bala Boyz

If you're a fan of Grime, then you should have certainly heard of DJ MAK 10 and he has recently teamed up with MC Group Bala Bala Boyz! MAK 10 kickstarted his career in the infamous grime group, Nasty Crew and has since worked alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Skepta, Kano, Ghetts and D Double E. Without a doubt, he is definitely one of the pioneers of Grime. Throughout the years DJ MAK 10 has been able to master his craft as a DJ and producer while evolving with the changes that come over time, working in genres from Grime to House and even UK funky! Recently, MAK 10 has linked up with London’s Congolese led MC Group Bala Bala Boyz to make the hit single ‘Mad In The Fete’ which you can listen to below. Bala Bala Boyz hail from London and are of Congolese descent consisting of Chef Kalinga 9, King Bala 5, Orz Trinity 7 and Moj Zyo 1. This group were described as "trailblazers for authenticity, melding genuine elements of traditional, Congolese-led flows with the new, and deriving their own dialect in the process - Linglish".

IOTK Podcast #42: Ella Ringrose

Ted's Takeaways from the podcast w/ Ella Ringrose Ella Ringrose is the Irish Youtuber that has built a community of over 100k people by sharing her experience and knowledge of manifestation and self-development. Here's what I learnt from our chat... Vision Boards One thing that I learnt from Ella was the power of vision boards! The Youtuber revealed some of the amazing things that she had manifested using vision boards, so straight after the chat, I set my vision board and hung it in a prominent position in my room. Journalling Ella spoke about the vast amount of notebooks that she has gone through as she journals throughout the week. I learnt that journaling can be a great way to keep track of your progress as well as helping the visualisation process by "scripting" (simulating the feelings and thoughts of your desired position). Anything is possible There were so many things that I learnt from this chat, but the main takeaway was that anything is possible as we are the creators of our destiny. This statement really hit me as it made me realise that the only person that has been stopping me my whole life has been me! With all of this knowledge at hand, I've now got a vision board, started journaling and I will no longer let anybody stop me from achieving my goals! Full audio: Full video: