If Only They Knew Vicky Parkinson, Author & Well-being Coach

Meet Vicky Parkinson, the Author Educating Young Kids Vicky Parkinson is an author from Hertfordshire, England who has created a set of children's books with the aim of educating kids with a series of fun, accessible and easy to follow stories where children can learn fundamental aspects of health and Well-being in an easy to follow, friendly format. The set of books, entitled Will and Cher's Wellness Journey (published by Healthy Habits for Children Publishing, a new publisher that focuses solely on printing health books for kids) aims to entertain and capture the young reader's imagination whilst teaching the value of well-being. From recycling to healthy eating, the books see the characters (based on Vicky's son and dog) go on a journey to find out more about important topics. “If we can educate children to be aware of their Mental Health and Well-being early on, how much better will our society be in years to come?” The author is a well-being coach and mental health advocate, who has always understood the importance of mental and physical health as she had been on a tough journey herself. ​ Victoria grew up in Sidmouth (Devon), which she feels helped to grow her creativity and love for the countryside and animals. As well as her idols, Ricky Gervais & JK Rowling, Vicky also admires the words of young activist Greta Thunberg: “Society is failing us as Greta Thunberg says. I feel exactly the same and our children need to learn how to be healthy and care for their environment at a young age so that it becomes a habit.” To continue following Vicky's journey, follow her via the following links: Instagram Twitter Website

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